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Want to have fun with your dog?

You've come to the right place!

Whether you just want to have fun or plan to compete, you want a trainer that will start you off right - and keep you on the path to success!

  • Group classes

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Facility Rental for practice - both indoor and outdoor

  • Agility Course Run-throughs, Friday nights and/or Saturdays about once a month - a mini competition course for fun! 

We know that getting on the agility equipment right away can be very tempting!  However, to maximize your success and fun, it's best to build a proper foundation.  

Whether you're totally new to the sport or you've already begun, our coaching programs and classes will teach you the fundamental skills to get the behavior you want, a dog with independent obstacle performance and a dog that works with focus and intensity.  You'll establish the basics of handling so that you can get around a course smoothly with your dog.

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You won't regret taking the time to learn the foundation skills that will make playing at agility more fun. In each lesson and class we'll build on the skills you've learned, helping you and your dog become a great team!

Maybe you've been in agility for awhile and are frustrated when your dog doesn't get their weaves or hit the contact, maybe they drop bars, take the wrong obstacle, or you just can't keep up with them!  We've got your covered there too.   

All kinds of dogs can enjoy agility!

All kinds of dogs can enjoy agility!

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