Our favorite stuff!  Want to know what our favorite books are and what we most commonly recommend to students and clients?  Well, it's all here with links to where you can find them.  Enjoy!


Shaping Success by Susan Garrett

Agility Right from the Start by Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh

Dog Sports Skills, Book 1 by Denise Fenzi and Deborah Jones

Click to Calm by Emma Parsons

Reaching the Animal Mind by Karen Pryor

Behavior Adjustment Training by Grisha Stewart

Ahimsa Dog Training Manual by Grisha Stewart

The Puppy Primer by Patrica McConnell (and any book by her!)

Stress, Anxiety and Aggression in Dogs by Anders Hallgren

Training Gear

Ruffwear Frontrange Harness

Freedom Harness


Treat pouch

NewTrix head halter

Happy Dog stuff (management tools)

Kong stuffable toys

Puzzle toys

Doterra Serenity essential oil (or any lavender essential oil)

Dog appeasing pheromone diffuser

Icalmpet music