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Private Training

customized training for both ends of the leash!


Whether it’s teaching manners or dealing with a behavior problem, we believe that training should be effective, easy, fun and fear free for you and your best friend. Our lives are too busy—and our dogs too important—for it to be otherwise. That’s why we customize our training to fit your needs, your life, and your dog.  One-on-one coaching is the fastest and most effective way to reach your training goals!


How's it work?


Step 1. All training begins with a 90-minute consult scheduled at a convenient time in your home to assess your dog, set goals and develop your training plan. Just contact us to set it up! 

Step 2. We'll adjust your training plan as needed. Training sessions will continue in your home, at our training center, or out in the world.  It all depends on what skills we are practicing.

Step 3. Start enjoying your dog!  Training will be fun and it won't take long to see the results you've been wanting.


Contact us to set up an initial consult at or at (716) 866-2288.