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Private Training

customized training for both ends of the leash!


Whether it’s teaching manners, dealing with a behavior problem, or learning the sport of agility, we believe that training should be effective, easy, fun and fear free for you and your best friend. Our lives are too busy—and our dogs too important—for it to be otherwise. That’s why we offer training programs that fit your needs, your life, and your dog.  One-on-one coaching is the fastest and most effective way to reach your training goals!


Check out our obedience programs below!

For agility programs, click over to our agility page and fill out the short form.  We will respond with our latest programs and classes from which you can choose!


Essential Dog

After a few lessons, your dog will be a polite and welcomed member of your household.  Imagine that they no longer jump on guests, grab food off the counter, bark out the window or have accidents in the house, which used to annoy you.  

This program will teach your dog basic manners that will make them more enjoyable to live with.  Say good-bye to destructive behaviors, and say hello to a dog that knows how to behave in the house and sits to greet you at the door!


Mannerly Dog

Right now your dog is dragging you down the street, embarrassing you in front of all your neighbors and pulling your arms out of your sockets!  After this program, your dog will calmly walk by your side, ignoring other dogs and squirrels so that you can finally enjoy a nice walk with your best bud!

It’ll be incredible when your dog relaxes on their bed while you’re busy cooking or with guests, or when your dog enjoys the back yard without barking or digging holes.  

This is a great program for families that want to be a part of the training, but need guidance on obedience training and assistance controlling certain behavior issues.


Ultimate Companion

Right now you might be worrying about taking your dog out in public because of their wild behavior. Maybe they’re barking and lunging at other dogs or people. You don’t let them off the leash for fear they won’t come back or strangers will get knocked over. You just want to be able to take your dog more places and have a dog that listens at home too. 

After this program, your dog will consistently come when you call him.  Your dog will listen to you regardless of all that’s going on around you out in public and at home.  Won’t it be great when you can take your dog anywhere? Spending time with your dog will be easy and enjoyable!

This program is for the family who wants that go everywhere or do everything dog, but is not quite sure how to achieve it.  Or perhaps you’ve got a really busy life and you’d like the training jumpstarted for you, personalized guidance on obedience training, or assistance with behavioral issues. 

Whichever it is, you would like a long term game plan that keeps you on the path of achieving all your goals without continued costs!     (716) 866-2288